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    After browsing your website and analyzing your supplier chain system, I find there might be some cooperation between us.
    Voltage fluctuation in your area causes great trouble to daily life, especially air-conditioner. We are always on the way to stabilize voltage. In the market of voltage regulator, there are two series, SVC and AVR. In this mail, please allow me to introduce a new series EVR, evolutionary voltage regulator. Compared with SVC and AVR, the advantages are given as follows:
    1. Naturally born robust structure;
    2. 1/3 volume and 1/3 weight, and more advantages for three-phase voltage stabilizer;
    3. Advanced PCB;
    4. Advanced transformer;
    5. High-precision, theoretical value ±1.37%, maximum ±2% under actual situations, much superior to AVR and SVC series;
    6. Almost maintenance-free;
    7. Plug and unplug structures makes maintenance easy.
    Our team definitely believe that, the new series EVR will be a brand-new in the market and aims at the high-end market, easy-carrying, small volume, worry-free for maintenance and repair.
    your kind reply will be much replied

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